Mona Cardell, Ph.D.        Licensed Psychologist

      Providing Affordable Feminist Psychotherapy in the Philadelphia Region

The Type of Therapy I Provide

A seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in the mental health field, I provide feminist psychotherapy services for adults.  As a feminist therapist, I encourage my clients to participate fully in guiding the direction our work will take. I don't decide the goals of therapy; you do. I have experience helping clients to achieve their goals; you are the expert on what you want and need.

My specialties include working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and other kinds of physical and emotional abuse, providing therapy for adult children of alcoholics and others who grew up in dysfunctional families, supporting those who are dealing with chronic illness, and helping people who are interested in improving their relationships with others. Most of my clients are women; a large percentage of my clients are lesbian/gay, bisexual, or questioning their sexual identity.

My approach to providing therapy is an eclectic one, in which I tailor my style to meet the needs of each individual.  I come to this work with a profound respect for the individuals seeking my help, and with a deep understanding of the courage it takes to ask a professional for help with personal problems.
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